Reasons Your Business Need a Blog in 2020

Why You Need a Blog for Business

A blog for business sound fancy, huh? Not really.

It’s 2020, more and more business starts getting online. The competition for search engine ranking is escalating.

You need to spice up your game.

So, how would you beat those competitors, and gain an upper hand when reaching out to those potential customers?

You have to have a blog for your business, and here’s why.

Increase Search Engine Visibility.

Blog post = quality content = search engine loves it.

Almost every business website has the default homepage, about page and contact page. Most of the time, keywords for these pages are usually short tail keywords, which means a lot of competition to rank on the search result page.

You can create multiple blog posts with keywords related to your business, especially long tails keyword which has little competition. It allows you to reach more audiences and rank better in certain search results.

This means that a user who searches for long keywords can still reach your website’s blog, therefore has a chance to become your potential customers. It also increases the overall SEO performance of the website.

Quality Link Building

It is hard to build quality links when you have limited content. Link building is especially important when it comes to beating your competitors in search engine ranking.

Blogging about quality content related to your business can allow your articles to be share in sites that have more authority. It’s giving the impression that your website is trustworthy in the eyes of Google.

Extra Knowledge Base for Your Product

Although you already had a documentation page for your products and services, that doesn’t mean it is sufficient.

For instance, if you are selling drawing software, try giving out tutorials on how to draw digitally in a form of videos and blog posts. And not just limited to the documentation of installation and how to use the tools in the software.

The knowledge base must be helpful and also related to the products and services you are selling. The extra knowledge base demonstrates a sense of professionalism within your business’s related field. So did the customers are also confident with the quality of your goods and services.

Advertising Your Product

A blog post with proper SEO = higher ranking in search result = FREE advertising space.

Users use the search engine to answer their questions, they expect answers when they clicked on your blog post. Therefore, putting your business’s services or products as one of the solutions. Those who in need of a solution will consider purchasing your goods to solve their problem.

Additional perks such as a discount or free shipping can be also given at the end of the article along with the goods/services. This can give a sense of privilege to the readers to make them feel appreciated. The discounts also urge them to buy the products before it ends.

This indirectly promotes your services and products without cashing out on the advertising budget and being helpful to your potential customers.

Building Trust with Potential Customers

Blogging about subjects related to your business immediately putting yourself as an expert in the field. The blog is a platform where you can put all those research and statistics to convince your audiences that you are trustworthy.

If your customers find your blog posts to be accurate and useful, people will believe that there is an extensive amount of research put into products’ development. Therefore establish a sense of authority among your audiences, they are most likely to buy from a trusted brand.

Lead Generating

A blog post with good SEO can rank better in search engines. And it is a great place to insert email forms to drive more leads.

Readers who are interested in the articles can sign up for the newsletter to receive more blog’s update. Or you can add signup form with discounts and other free perks related to the products and services to attract more customers.

Afterward, you can send out a promotional email to your subscribers who agree to receive marketing materials to increase sales. The subscribers are most likely to be fans of your business therefore one of the potential customers for your products and services.

This eventually leads to more sales and generate more profits.

Social Media Presence

Posting on the blog gives you a new excuse to post content on social media, keeping your business’s accounts fresh and lively. Awesome contents also urge the sharing of the posts, keeping your brand relevant on social media.

Having social media buttons in the blog post is also a great way to have your readers to share your post on social media. Sooner or later, this will generate more views to your blog via the posts shared by the others.

This is a great opportunity to promote your website to the vast majority of social media users, increasing brand awareness, alongside products advertised in the blog posts.

Engage with Customers

You are engaging with your customers with blog posts about the services and blogs. The blog is a source of information for users, a business can represent themselves as friendly and helpful with the use of a blog.

Customers will find themselves commenting under the blog or to ask a question. Those who in charge of the blog will answer the questions and reply to the comments.

This interaction plays an important role to show your business as a friendly and helpful brand that doesn’t ignore the voice of your users. This can be an indication of good customer service and a business that values customers’ feedback.

Keep Customers Up To Date

Businesses can use a blog as a form of news update to inform the customers about the new thing in your business. It can be anything from a year-end sale to an award-winning product launch.

Unlike social media, where your update can be easily flooded by hundreds of new posts per minute or so. The blog can inform audiences with new updates on the blog via newsletter.

Customers and subscribers who opted-in for the newsletter can be keeping themselves up-to-date for the newest discount and other promotions. This increases the chances of getting new customers or returning customers and keep your business relevant.

Collect Valuable Feedback

If you are familiar with blogging, you will know that there’s a chance that you will see long comments underneath the comment section. That’s where all the gems are hiding.

The comment can range from having issues with the products or suggesting new features. Most of them are elaborated in great detail, giving the business better insight into a customer’s need.

This lead to better communication and better business-to-customers relationship. Your customers are your god, listen to them and improve your goods or services accordingly, this shows how much you value their opinion, create a better brand image.

Showing The Human-Like Emotion

Your business isn’t run by Artificial Intelligence, why make your business looks like it has no emotion? Develop a deep connection with your audiences is a way to present your business as friendly and approachable.

Blogging can stimulate a feeling like that with a blog post who showcase the company’s team under a humane light. Maybe a post of how the workers celebrate Chrismas together or maybe a few professionally taken photos of the workplace with a hint of playfulness.

Displaying emotion helps you to connect better with your customers. It made you feel as if the business is emphasized with them. And giving the feeling that the business is run by passionate individuals and not greedy businessmen. Thus, creating a greater bonding.

Inspire People

Inspiring people can be a move that your business made to showcase the emotional side of the business. It gives your business a wholesome mission by helping others to accomplish their dreams and fulfilling their desires.

After all, business is supposed to be fulfilling the demands of the others.

It can be motivation stories or testimonials, it must be relatable as well as aligned with the company’s missions. Inspiring is a powerful emotion that can shed a positive light on the company, thus forming a better brand image.


All in all, you can see how important it is for a company to own a blog, it can lead to better SEO, better engagement with audiences and not to forget a wholesome brand image. Starting a blog is not a hard task since most business owns a website.

Want to know how to start your blog for your business? Check out the awesome blogs by Twitter and Google.

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