Why Having No Live Chat can Abort Your Online Business

Why Having No Live Chat can Abort Your Online Business

Isn’t that exaggerate that the absence of a single live chat widget can cause a business to fall short online?

Well, although it won’t cause the ultimate downfall for your online businesses, you will be surprised by how many potential sales you lose due to the lack of live chat.

Live Chat has the highest satisfaction level, which is 73%, compared to email 61%, and 44% for phone, according to Econsultancy.

The high satisfaction level of live chat might have to do with it provided real-time support for the customer. This means that customers contact the customer service instantly to get their problem resolve in the fastest time possible, compared to email support.

But isn’t phone calling also consider real-time support too?

Back in the days when email and live chat aren’t available, people rely on phones to contact people, but why phone calling is having the lowest satisfactory level? Well, this might have to do with the phone’s main disadvantages, which is confusing and unhelpful instruction giving via phone.

Unless you recorded or take note of your phone call just to make sure you don’t miss anything, the chances are you will find calling agents to be extremely frustrating. The instruction via phone can be unclear due to reasons like poor listening and confusing explanation.

The customers might ask the agents repeatedly about the same questions, and the agents will also try to explain everything they could without the help of video and images like email and live chat. This confused the customers, annoy the agents, and waste both their time.

Some people will also feel anxious when calling a customer representative, as they felt as they were rushed. This’s true especially if the customer support has a timeout system that causes the call ends midway when the customer is still trying to figure out the solution.

Another thing that can be annoying is the frustrating and repetitive manual, remember when you need to hit the keypad to access service while the robotic voice repeats every option? Yes, that’s annoying and time-wasting!

How live chat can benefit your business online

Real-Time Support

We mention it earlier and we’re going to mention it again, real-time support is one of its greatest advantages! The customers explain their problems to the agents while the agents follow up with questions and solutions to assist them in real-time.

The back and forth interaction make sure the problem is solved in the shortest time possible. Unlike email which the reply time is uncertain and phone calls which the explanation can be unclear due to many reasons, real-time support by live chat makes sure that efficiency is the key.

Select The Type of Enquiry Easily

Remember how we mention about the poor user experience for the phone call keypad manual. Live chat on the other hand only requires a few clicks and voila! Your agents will be selected based on your questions.

And most of them already have a brief idea of how kind of answer that they will be encountered after the users matched with the agent in respective departments.

Clear Instruction

Calling agents via phone can result in bad communication due to factors like troubling listening, bad explanation, bad phone line, and many more. Live chat, however, is the opposite.

Live chat agents are usually trained in replying to users in a friendly tone with easy-to-understand words. Users can reread the instruction if they don’t understand it the first time, as opposed to phone calls, which users tell the agents to repeat the same instruction.

Image and File

Images and files upload options are available for almost every live chat widgets and plugins. With images and files, the agents can detect the issues quickly and provide a suitable solution in the fastest time possible.

This eliminates the needs of over-describing by the users and avoids the possibilities of confusing explanations by confusing users.

Transfer Agents Easily

With chat history present, the next agents won’t have the need to ask the users the same questions all over again. The issues can be resolved faster without the extra asking and confirming.

Copy of Chat History

Often time, if the customers are login or enter their email address, they’ll receive a copy of their chat history. Customers can easily look back into their chat history if they encounter similar problems.

Reference Numbers

Many customers support plugins also support reference numbers, which is a serial number auto-generate for users if they log in or enter their email. After the chat session ends, the reference numbers will be sent to the users via email along with the chat history.

These reference numbers allow the support groups to look up quickly about the issue if the users recontact them for the same issue. It saves users time to reexplain the problem, making problem-solving more efficient with less time wasted.

Wait, does live chat have any disadvantages?

Of course, the main disadvantages of live chat are the users’ lack of knowledge on how to use a live chat. Live chat unlike your good old email and phone, is a recent innovation for websites. Those who aren’t tech-savvy can have a hard time to understand what is live chat, where is it located, and how to use it.

How to Solve it?

Email and Phone Support

A great idea of how to overcome this problem is to keep the email and phone support well and alive. Don’t abandon the phone and email if the majority of your target demographic are those who aren’t frequent internet users.

Heck, even if your target audiences are made of youngsters, having email and phone support ready can be a great way to offer varieties of support.

Mention it on Contact Page and FAQs Page

At the same time, mention the types of customer support you are currently provided on your contact page. Because that’s the page where most people will go for the sake of contacting and getting supports.

You can even mention in the Contact and FAQs page on how to get help via live chat.

Fixed Live Chat Bubble

Another great way to let people know that you have live chat is to make it more visible. Make a fixed text bubble icon that will not disappear despite how far the users scroll.

Those who aren’t really familiar with live chat will find the text bubble icon familiar to the popular messaging apps like Messenger. Thus, they figure out the purpose of the text bubble icon.

Auto-Generate Chat Popup

If you think that your users still won’t notice your live chat bubble, generate a popup message. It’ll appear from the sticky icon after users have been on your site for a period of time. Something simple like “How may I help you?” can at least get a few replies from potential customers.

However, it’s important to ensure that the popup text only attracts the viewer’s attention and not interrupt the user experience. Or else, it would become annoying and people might leave your site.


Adding live chat to the website can be troublesome for some business owners. The agents will require to learn how to use this new system and the works can be overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that all the hassle will be worth it when the profits are increasing.

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